photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Ien Halsted



Ien Halsted
Art 376 Photography
silver prints; 8″ x 10″

Part of an intro to analog printing at an academic level, trial and error in the search of a balanced print. The architecture in the image of the archway is inside the capital building here in Madison, WI and was submitted for an assignment in vantage point. The other image is me in an image for an assignment in low-light/long exposure. The architecture image I like as a composition, and am really satisfied with its tonal palette. The image of me I like, because the juxtaposition of a smile on a neutral face, is a frown.

6 thoughts on “Ien Halsted”

  1. Ien, Very interesting pictures and well done for doing there as silver prigs. Your vantage point capitol shot is great. I like your composition and framing. That is a site I have been to many times but would have never thought to see or take that picture. Perhaps if you were not limited to an 8″x10″ you could have included the top of the arch and made the image size more of a square? Regardless, I like it how it is. Your long exposure self portrait is also interesting to me. Not sure how you got the rest of your face lined up perfectly but your frown and smile to be just separated by a little bit. Nice work. Keep in mind that in self portraits, your surroundings mean a lot and give viewers a lot of context about you.

  2. I think the long exposure your did is really successful. Sometimes when one does long exposure of human figures, s/he just overdoes it. In you photo, the superimposition does create a sense of ambiguity as the two expressions are slightly merged together, and yet each of them are still distinctive. It’s at just the right amount.

    In your second photo, the arch is almost like a frame separating the two spaces, a brighter, clearer and well decorated one out there, and simpler, dimmer one close to us. I think maybe you could further explore this interesting interaction between spaces in the future

  3. I love the slow exposure “ghost” image. I think the idea to change nothing but the expression was very clever! It would be interesting to see a whole series on hanging expressions- the juxtaposition better em the various expressions experienced!

  4. I really enjoy the VP shot. The fact that despite the distance, you can see the individuals interacting with each other makes the image extremely powerful. Also the architecture within the building gives the image the framing it needs.

  5. The framing of the second image is stunning. Working with film, it’s so hard to create something that is completely symmetrical but you were able to get something very close that it is unrecognizable. Great job!

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