9 thoughts on “Brittany Grady”

  1. I see in both of your photos you used side lights on the figure. Though the lights are very diffused and soft, maybe it’s just for me but I feel your photos are more dramatized, even with a sense of alienation, than intimate. Yet I think your photos are really interesting to look at and the alienation really works in some ways.

    I know it’s probably not your intents, but I think it is this side light that dramatizes your figure, which creates a divide of lights and shades from the middle of the person’s face. Even in the second one where we are looking at the figure from the side, lights from the other side of her face creates this bright silhouette and cast shadows on this side, making her look dramatic. And also, the close-up of the first one pushes the face towards the viewer, creating a sense of tension to me. In the second one, as she looks away, plus the diagonal composition, I feel a sense of alienation in it. I REALLY love your photos and the dramatic atmosphere. I know it is probably not your intents, and you may not want to go with this direction, but you did create interesting photos this way.

    For intimacy, I think maybe you could try using two 45-degree soft lights — 45 degree right and left, and 45 degree from above. and I think you could look at some old b&w classic Hollywood films. They did a great job on lighting the actresses.

  2. You have a consistent lighting scheme and angle in your photos, which make them interesting to look at. The first photo really conveys the intimacy feeling you want to express. I also think black-and-white is a smart choice for the series.

  3. Interesting photos! I like that you used black and white. It adds a somber tone to the photos. I also enjoy the extreme lighting on the first photo. It’s a bit bothersome that the head is tilted instead of straight, because the photo becomes divided at a diagonal angle, but being skewed actually could add to the meaning of the photos in this case.

  4. I think you were very successful in your attempt to convey intimacy throughout the photos. This is achieved through your close-up shot of your face as well as the setting in the second which seems to be a bedroom – the most intimate room. A way to make these even more intimate would be to have your eyes open in the first one, gazing directly at the camera. Having your eyes closed makes the viewer feel a bit shut out, but by opening your eyes we would feel as if we are let into your intimate moment and are engaged with you.

  5. As far as portraying intimacy – I think your first of these is the more successful image. The closed eyes and tight framing invite your audience into the scene with you – it feels as though we’ve just walked into this special moment. I enjoy your choice of black and white.

  6. I think you did a good job in capturing the intimacy between the viewer and the woman. Sticking to black and white helped a lot, I’m sure a color photo would have been too busy and distracting. I am interested in the bottom photo because the viewer is exposed to one side of the woman’s face, but it is the darkened side, so it seems as though we know more about her than anyone else that may see her. I think you did a good job with your focus on the top photo.

  7. The lighting in the first photo is really great. I like how you make half of her face lighter and half of her face darker which did create more feeling of intimacy. And I really like the composition in your second photo. You left a lot of space in the direction of her eyes which make me wonder what kind of mysterious thing is happening or what is she looking at so attentively on the left side.

  8. I really like the idea you have for your photographs, but I’m not quite sure the second photograph in particular captures that. I like how up-close you are to the woman’s face in the first photo and that really creates a sense on intimacy in the portrait. I think the second could have been stronger if you took that same approach for that one, as well. The lighting as well seems stronger in the first, too. The way you chose to light half her first in the first one was very strategic, too.

  9. I think that the figure’s gaze in the second photo really activates the negative space and lends to a dynamic composition. I also like how the high contrast of the image emphasizes the woman.

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