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Kimberly Gossard


IMG_3104 Layers 2

Kimberly Gossard
ART 300: Photography II

The two photos I have attached were both taken on my iPhone5 and edited in photoshop. Although I am not completely done creating my final series, I am planning on having these images vary in size from 8×10 in. to 11×17 in. There will be between 15-20 images in the final series which centers on my personal experience in my scientific laboratory as a biology major. My goal is to express the beauty of science as I see it through my day to day experiences in lab. I highlight the formal qualities often used in professional photography to emphasize the texture and form of the materials I work with. The camera angles all relate to what I directly see in lab and all materials photographed are materials I actually use in my lab work.

8 thoughts on “Kimberly Gossard”

  1. Because the materials are closely pushed together and are packed in the frame, these photos look like highly composed still lifes (which could be one way to go). It would be interesting, though, to see how you arrange and use these materials naturally, i.e. sprawled out on the table.

  2. Both pictures are very effective in accomplishing their goal. Although I am not thinking so much about the beauty of science but more the beauty of everyday objects. And how we all have these things that we see everyday and are banal in that sense but have color, and a special kind of life of their own. Photography for me is perfect for that. Because basically we all just take pictures of what we like, so we are kind of just curating our own gallery of everyday banal things we see everyday. Also its nice to enter someone else’s world, where something you see everyday is totally alien to me. Like the thing in the gloved hand have no idea what that is, but it looks really cool.

  3. Why did you decide to take these photos with your iPhone? While I don’t see the typical artifacts from an iPhone photo in these, which is good, I feel important elements of photography are lost because you’re essentially using a point-and-shoot camera. In the first picture, there are a lot of items. I think the idea was to show a portion of the scientific process and tools used. Yet I can tell that they were placed together and it distracts me from the idea of the photo because it just looks like a bunch of cliche stuff. To fix this, try finding a picturesque moment where these tools were naturally composed. As for elements of photography, since the first photo has so many things in it, all of them being in focus distracts from the idea too. It looks like a visual list, while using depth of field would put focus on a certain object or objects, focusing attention and making a clearer statement.
    In contrast, I feel the second photo takes care of all the technical problems of the first one. And the use of color is very effective. Though it is hard to tell what the blue objects would be without knowing these photos are about science.

  4. The second photograph is more visually appealing to me because the balance between cool and warm colors, and also the juxtaposition of the geometric angular objects with the human body forms of the hand all work well together to create this interesting composition. Yet the first one seem a little bit too chaotic to me. I think your could either narrow down your focus onto one or two subjects to add more emphasis, or contrarily, distribute the objects more evenly in space so that the image looks more de-hierarchized. there is certainly a interesting pattern in the first picture. Nice job

  5. The second photo is stronger of the two, the colliding color contrast is so exciting to look at. Although I doubt if iPhone photos can hold enlargement up to 8 by 10.

  6. Like many of the other comments, the second photo has really nice color and composition. I can’t really speak too much on the concept from these images but I think there is a lot of potential here and I would try to eliminate more context so the image stands outside a lab. The first photo doesn’t seem to have much going on so I would try and isolate more elements of your practice in later photos.

  7. I agree with many of the above comments, some of which questioned your choice in using an iPhone. You also mentioned blowing up the photos to 8×10, which will obviously lose a lot of detail because of the small sensor size in the iPhone’s camera. The bottom photo is already blurred and washed out because of the camera you used. Other than the choice of iPhone, you can go many places with still life work in the lab and the composition of the top photo illustrates that. I am wondering if this will become a still life project or a documentary one.

  8. I enjoy seeing the beauty of science and the colors/materials that can be produced through man-made means. I wish you used a different base or held the object differently in the second photo as the perspective takes away from the image. I like the compactness of the first image but wonder what this would look like if each object was arranged and viewed from above.

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