14 thoughts on “Brittany Grady”

  1. I think you were very successful with capturing your brother’s mischievous side… I got that feel from the photo before I even looked at your description. The lighting on him is also very nice. However, I do wonder if this image would work better as a series of photos – either as a series of your brother with various expressions, but with similar poses and lighting, or as a series of mischievous faces – each one slightly different by the nature of the person, but ultimately, conveying the same thing. Love this photo though!

  2. I think you did a really good job with capturing your little brothers mischievous side. The look he gives to the viewers on the other side of the photograph is really effective and the straight on eye contact helps connect the brother with the spectators. I also really like how he’s framed because half of his face is going off the edge of the picture, and the background of pure black contrasts really nicely on the other side. The background being black was a nice choice, because it’s a pure/simple color that doesn’t distract the eye away from the main center subject, which is your brother.

  3. Very nice portrait! The eye on the right side is a bit awkward since we can’t see the whites on either side of the iris. The pupil is barely visible. Overall it gives the eyes a strained look. Stepping once to your right before shooting may have been helpful to your photo. I love the colors of the picture!

  4. What a great facial expression! He looks up-to-no-good! The way you have the face cut off makes the picture feel close up, which intensifies the look in his eye. The black background adds to a sense of secrecy and mischief while keeping the focus on the subject.

  5. The personality you’ve captured is awesome! I enjoy that he is looking sideways at the camera, rather than straight-on – definitely gives some mischievous energy. It would have been nice to have had the face a slight bit more lit/in focus. I think it would help all around in making this more crisp and clear. Great work

  6. Your bother looks mischievous and the lighting is very nice and the color is rich. At the same time it makes the view feel uneasy, like something is about to happen.

  7. You did a very good job capturing your brother’s look. The composition of the overall photo was well-designed, and you used good approach of depth of field to make the eye stands out in the photo.

  8. The camera angle and lighting really add to the mischievousness you were going for. The angle is more playful and personal than most portraits. The lighting adds mystery to the photo and a little bit of a dark side. I think you were very successful in capturing your brother’s characteristics.

  9. I like this a lot. I am also very interested in portraiture. I think you did a good job catching the attitude of kids while creating a beautiful photo. His freckles really pop! I also love how bright his eyes are! There is a lot of emotion in this!

  10. I think you did a great job in fulfilling the requirements of the assignment. The portrait is fantastic, it shows great use of lighting, backdrop, and composition. I also appreciate your attention to color, keeping everything vibrant but not going too far. I get the feeling that your brother is looking right at me and he has a story to tell.

  11. I think you did a great job with this photograph. I love the idea you had for capturing your brother’s mischievous side and think you captured this intent successfully. You did a great job bringing out the bright blue in his eyes by matching that to his shirt. Overall great work– no negative comments about this!

  12. I think you did a great job capturing that side of your brother. The expression on his face definitely shows mischief. The lighting is great as well, bringing focus solely to the subject and keeping the rest of the image dark and out of focus, while keeping his face bright enough to keep most of its colors.

  13. This facial expression is great. You achieved great success in capturing the mischievous side of your brother. Even before I read your information I thought to myself that he was up to know good. Some technical issues would be in color balance. The boys eyes are beautifully colored but his skin tone is a little more blue that a natural color. It makes him seem a little too pale.

  14. This image uses cool tones and a subject with a partially neutral but partially mischievous expression to create a successful piece. The contrast between the subject’s face and the black background adds to the focus on the subject and the details on his face allow for him to seem more relatable and real. If his face was perfectly airbrushed, he would seem more like a kid in an advertisement.

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