photography, Rollins College

Kathy Tims



Kathy Tims
ART 300 Photography II
Digital Prints; 8.5″ x 11″

These are part of a series I’m working on that will have 15-20 images in total. In it I’ve been trying to take a more playful look at the interaction between nature and man/man-made.

28 thoughts on “Kathy Tims”

  1. Before I even read your description I knew that this was a mixing of nature and something that is man-made. I love how you shot this photo in a way that directly mixes man with nature by using the light post as part of the tree, rather than just depicting one and the other in the same environment. If you had taken this from a different angle, you would have lost that instantly obvious relationship that makes this photo so entertaining, so great choice and eye on your part! Very clever.

  2. ^The above comment was referring to the second picture.

    I somehow hadn’t even noticed that there was a picture above it, but I really enjoy that one as well. I think it’s really great that you actually able to capture that photo when there was a real bird resting on the sculptured ones.

  3. I love the one with the bird on the metal birds, you were very lucky to get that shot. Also, the metal birds are like directing the viewer’s attention to the real bird, which i also like. The street light and tree looks really cool because it gives the illusion of something unnatural from a source that is natural.

  4. I really enjoy these two pictures. I think you have done a great job of conveying your concept in an interesting way. For both of the photos, it’s almost like you don’t notice it at first, but then it suddenly hits – “Wow, how did I not see that?!” I especially like the light with the tree because it almost begins to have a surreal feeling because it looks as if it is a part of the tree. It also begins to look futuristic because I could imagine tree/light polls looking like that in the future when/if there aren’t many real trees.

  5. I love how you took such a creative approach with combining the tree and the pole, making it look like they’ve belonged together the entire time. The illusion that the tree picture gives off is really effective.The framing is perfect, and the two objects from nature, and the man-made are combined perfectly as well. The top picture of the bird is pretty ironic, considering a real life bird is perched on top of other man-made statues of birds in flight.You definitely got your concept and idea across here with these two pictures in a really creative manner.

  6. I think that this concept is really cool. I especially like the one with the light post as the trunk of the tree. There are very strong vertical lines that appeal to eye. I think you can really explore more and come up with something very unique! Continue with this idea!

  7. I’m a big fan of your second photo which has a lot to do with the rich saturation that still looks naturalistic. While the composition of the first photo is very successful as well, maybe the blues specifically could be amped up a bit more to reflect the saturation of the second. I also love, in the second image, how the warmth orange of the light contrasts the blue of the sky. Well done! It will definitely be an interesting series.

  8. I love the lamppost in front of the tree. It is a great juxtaposition of the metal lamp to the natural branches. Great composition.

  9. These are very interesting photos and I think the serious sounds interesting as well! I enjoy your lighthearted approach. The photos are a playful way of looking at industrial and natural elements found in the world. Exposure looks right, but I would critique your composition a bit. I think you should be really conscious of how the shot looks before you click the shutter. Place elements purposefully. If you were to shoot the birds from a bit higher of an angle, they would have been framed nicely by the river behind, rather than being divided awkwardly by the horizontal lines made by the river. The second photo would probably be improved if you cropped off the left side, so the tree is centered. It is almost in the center, but not quite, so it looks accidental or poorly composed.

  10. I definitely get your statement. I think the second of the two images was more successful in getting your point across – the top photo has such an even balance of nature and man-made that the idea gets a little lost. Maybe consider paring down to like one or two elements of the contrasting idea. i.e. the single lamp amidst all the nature, or placing the bird amongst only buildings. Great work

  11. There is a lot to be said about how we interact with nature. I like how you lined up the light with the tree almost as if man made that tree.

  12. I find your concept of combining nature and man made subjects very interesting, and these two shots were successful in depicting a balance between the two. There’s a sense of irony in the first shot with the birds because it’s possible the actual bird is trying to interact with the sculpture of the birds. The second shot is interesting because the light post fits naturally inside of the tree, however it feels almost out of place because the nature aspect of the image seems so serene that you wouldn’t expect it to be affected by man.

  13. I really like your artistic idea behind the photos and I think you chose some interesting combinations to convey that idea. I would suggest you do more adjustments in Photoshop to make the nature and man-made side even more like one, or go for the opposite. In addition, I suggest you to utilize composition and color and contrast adjustments to make the main subjects stand out visually.

  14. These juxtapositions are compelling to look at. You certainly did a great job in “merging” the natural and man-made subjects smoothly. The second seems slightly more powerful to me because the symmetry and simplicity of the background really work well to support the composition of the subjects. For the first one, I think maybe you could crop it a little bit to tighten the composition and add more emphasis on the bird / birds in the foreground.

  15. I love the play on real live vs artificial man-made. I love the concept and how nature and artificial are so closely connected. It blends really well between the two worlds. I would love to see more in this series.

  16. The relationship of nature and man is made clear within these photos. The bottom image is a more successful integration of the two ideas than the top one. The manipulation of the camera angle you chose allows the viewer to put the two together (man vs. nature) without reading your description. The top one is more ambiguous but I think it can still get the point across.

  17. The concept is cliche but your compositions are very good at conveying the idea of the relationship between the man and nature. I think because the shots are so subtle and based on the moment that you should pay closer attention to the cropping and angle of the photos as they are very close to being perfect.

  18. The interaction is defiantly clear. The view of the lamp post and tree is very interesting. I think in these two images youa re defiantly succeeding in your concept. I do wish the top one was a little more refined in the background and angle, the background is distracting.

  19. The tree image is immediately clear and strong. I’m very curious to see what the rest of the series will look like. The image of the bird takes a little more time to figure out – it is pretty cheeky that the bird is resting on its aluminum counterparts.

  20. I like the composition of both of these photos and I immediately saw the concept behind both of the photos. I especially like the angle the tree photo was taken from.

  21. The lamp / tree image really stands out between these two images. I think the farther (or is it further?) you are from your subject the more effective this visual merging will be, as shooting more at the telephoto end tends to flatten subjects.

    The centered and minimal composition in that image are also a lot better at isolating the subject and calling attention to the interaction between natural and synthetic structures.

  22. I really like your ideas of composition in both photos. They are really interesting and have a strong sense of beauty too. And it is interesting that in the first photo, the real bird is standing still, but the man-made sculpture has a sense of flying. The second one, you trickily and perfectly overlapped the tree trunks and the light poles which is very impressive.

  23. I absolutely love your photographs!! I think you really captured the intent stated in your artist statement. The idea is brilliant and the portrayal of that is fantastic. I do wish the lamp and tree picture was a bit more centered and the colors in the colors in both were a bit more vibrant/ stood out more. Overall though, great job!!

  24. I Really like these photographs.The mixing between nature and man made items is very well done, it defiantly makes you think. I like that it is not dead centered. very well done

  25. I like how successful your images are and how well it fits in the description. The second image is the one that stood out most to me since the pole seems to be part of the tree. At first, I didn’t realize how in the first image there is a real bird sitting on the sculpture and is blending in very nicely. The framing of the second photograph is more interesting than the first one.

  26. Wow, excellent job capturing the fusion of both man-made and nature; pretty slick. Yes, the phenomenon of how our creations merge with the Creation is extraordinary, and to capture these moments or settings is a feat that stands more special that others, no matter how difficult. There’s a greater sense of “being” present.

  27. I love the second photo! I think it’s a great idea to explore the combination of manmade and nature and what humans have done to the landscape around them. I think it would be a cool project to even just focus on pictures like the second one in which manmade things are taking the place of nature. Awesome idea though! I like the tones you have in each photo too.

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