photography, Rollins College

Tae Wright



Tae Wright
ART 300: Photography II
Digital Prints
Work in progress series

This series is about the relationship between nature and civilization. I am trying to convey that one side cannot thrive without some kind of negative to the other. I want to show this relationship in a raw subtle way that draws the viewer to contemplate the photos and meanings behind them.

6 thoughts on “Tae Wright”

  1. I think you’re very successful in your attempt to have the images feel raw – the low saturation creates quite a negative tone. This is almost done so well that maybe your contrast could be heightened a bit to create more interest throughout the piece. While they are quite interesting to look at, they could also be made even stronger by having a stronger focal point in each image.

  2. I think it’s interesting how nature seems to win in the bottom one whereas the top photo the two don’t seem to interact as much. A bridge is a human made feature that allows us to get around in spite of nature, but it doesn’t threaten its existence in general. I would like to see the rest of your series to get a better idea of whether you see nature or humans as more influential overall and whether you see that relationship as destructive or coexistent.

  3. I like the idea of having such dulled saturation to give the feel of negative consequences. I think your composition could be tweaked just a bit to help with your argument. If the house hadn’t been in the back of the first image, or the sign had been a little more prominent/straight, I think these could be more successful. Just make sure everything in your image is purposeful (:

  4. One thing that stands out to me are the branches, especially in the lower photo encasing the sign. The shadows look really nice as well. As for the who nature and civilization coexisting together idea, I can see where one could get that idea. I’d be nice if there was a perfect balance between the two.

  5. The bottom image of the entangled sign makes an especially strong argument for your concept. For the rest of your series, it would be interesting to see several photos in which nature and man-made objects are not just coexisting, but entangled or fighting with one another.

  6. Great job with your photos. They really do convey a deeper meaning for me. However, the coloring in both really is bringing the photos down a bit. I understand that you want to convey negativity with these, but the colors look so dim that they are questionable to the composition. But overall, great job. The second picture in particular really speaks to me.

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