7 thoughts on “Tanyssa Behnke”

  1. I’m assuming that because one image is labeled as a still life and the other as a portrait, that they belong to separate series. I’m very interested in the image of the jar because of how its highlights and focus allow it to jump off the screen when compared to the faded and soft background. This allows the viewer to focus on the color/line/composition of the image as well as the striking reflection on the table. I’m also intrigued by the portrait but am confused as the the message and what’s going on. I find it interesting how the person in the background similarly mimics the shape of the females arm. However, I can’t help but wonder the significance of the random objects throughout the background. Would love to see more!

  2. At first I passed by these images without really seeing anything special, but at a second glance I realize there is much more to these photographs. The jar picture is very calming. The reflection off the surface of the table is very interesting and I wish I could see more, but your composition works with where is it now I believe. The jar photograph is indeed the bare essentials. The bottom photograph is an interesting still life. Her eyes are probably what drew me in the most. The right eye looks a bit like a vampire eye but I know thats what the eye looks like when light hits it at that angle. Part of me is wondering about the background intent. I don’t know what that man is doing or where the woman is. Overall, nice job though!

  3. I like the simplicity and details of the first picture. The reflection and the subject itself work well with the composition. For the portrait, I like the idea to utilize lighting to create a different effect on the face. However, I wish you could get rid of the other elements in the background and the light on left side.

  4. I love the simplicity in your first photograph. The contrast between the crystal clear subject with the blurry reflection and backgrounds also makes the whole composition more compelling to look at. The abstract background of two colors almost merging together reminds me of some of the Newman’s paintings, while the reflection and the glass in focus add dynamism vertically into the composition.

    For your second image, I think the contrast between the still and well-lit figure in the foreground and the dimmed and blurry figure moving in the background is also very interesting. I think maybe you could crop the image a little bit to create a tighter composition of the two figures. Also, I think the lamp on bottom-left corner is too distracting, and if you could get rid of that, there will be more emphasis on the main figures.

  5. I like the ghost image on the bottom photo, one thing I would recommend is making the room a little darker so the guy looks more like a shoat. For the top photo, it may look like a jar of water, but I’m also intrigued about the reflections on the glass, so that way it doesn’t look too plain to me.

  6. The still life image is particularly interesting to me – I enjoy the clean lines and crisp focus. One critique would be to consider exactly the placement of your subject. Having so much space under the jar and very little above gives a clustered feel. This might be what you’re going for, but with the simplicity of the image I think it would be more successful to bring it down a bit. Great image.

  7. The still life was done well. You kept the photo simple which really allows the viewer to concentrate on the beauty of the object in its surroundings. I also like the colors that showed up through the photo-the blues in the jar and the yellows of the background. They work together to make a good image. The bottom photo, however, could probably use a change of lighting. The strength of the lighting far overpowers the darkness of the background and completely washes out the face of the woman.

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