6 thoughts on “Kelly Proxmire”

  1. These photos are interesting and they definitely make me want to know the story that inspired them. I think your composition is a bit poorly done, though. I’m confused as to why you had a horizon line cutting through the background of the first photo, but no line in the second photo. It looks a bit inconsistent. The lighting also seems a bit too harsh, because all your whites seem very washed out and there isn’t a very good range of tones. I think these photos might be stronger if you tried backing up and lowering your light source

  2. These are really interesting, and the idea behind them was a really good one. The comparison of junk food and the drugs are kind of funny because the junk food is seen as a more innocent/friendly way of getting hyper, and people get addicted to sugar and caffeine. By comparing it to the drugs and pills it’s a funny contrast because although the drugs have a much worse effect on you, in a way they are both the same in their ways of making you become addicted to them. I don’t really like how you had the line cutting through the top image, or why you didn’t do the line cutting through the bottom image to balance out the two backgrounds in each photo. Overall the idea behind it is really interesting, and I’d like to know more behind it!

  3. I think the narrative concept in these photos is quite clear. Placing images of drugs and food side by side seems to comment on the various means of coping with life people choose. However, I think the composition could have been more dynamic–perhaps if you got closer to your subjects and arranged them in another way.

  4. I have to agree with many of the comments here, the way you composed the objects seems a bit lazy and you could have edited the background to make it more about the objects and less about the space. Interesting narrative created with these together but the photos could used a bit more time.

  5. I generally like the composition behind the two portraits but I wish they didn’t look as staged as they come off to be. The second one especially looks to be this way and it’s hard to look past this. I wish I could know more of the story that is behind these photographs, as I’m sure the second one in particular has a deep story. I am curious as to why you chose to make the lighting so different in both pictures… I think it might be accidental. I think the portraits would be stronger if the lighting was equal in both.

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