7 thoughts on “Anne Rauschert”

  1. These are awesome! I was struck by these because of the interesting lighting but also because I happen to be doing a photography series on backs. I have been taking lots of back photos lately, but none were lit as dramatically as your first photo. I really like how you really made the topography of the spine/muscles the subject of your photo. The second photo is also really well done in the way you exposed both the subject and the city perfectly. The city is gorgeous and the sky looks surreal. You did a great job. The only critique I have is that I don’t know why you left the workout clothes colored but everything else black and white. I think leaving either the top or bottom piece of clothing in color would be less distracting and more successful

  2. I love these pictures in a series together! I really think the choice of emphasizing the backs of these people was a really good and beautiful idea. The contrast in each photo really gives an extra effect because it helps to highlight the back muscles and make them really stick out. The background is somewhat busy in the bottom photo which takes away from the back idea, but in contrast the city skyline is extremely beautiful aesthetically and adds a good touch to it. I really like the top photo because of the background being so plain, that way all of the focus can be on the woman and her back.

  3. I prefer the top photo more than the bottom one because I can see more of her back in full detail, especially on her back and spine. The bottom one looks way too dark and the only definable features are her shoulder blades

  4. I like that these photos show the beauty of female athleticism and strength. It’s a refreshing take since it’s so different from the celebrations of female beauty that we’re accustomed to seeing. The way the lighting accentuates the muscles really draws attention to them and makes that a main focus in the piece.

  5. This photo is great! I really like how the lighting is used within the photo and I love how it shows female strength. Just from the perspective and how it looks like you are standing above the world (aka the buildings), I feel like it shows the strength and will that females have. it should be inspiring to all women out there who feel down or “less” than others because we are all created equal and just as important as the person next to us.

  6. These are like an Under Armour advertisement. The neon tone on the top photo is very energetic. The lighting on the bottom photo shows off the toned curves in her shoulder, which is very pleasing to the eye.

  7. I really like the first photo. Lighting, color and composition are all very well executed. The bright and dark background somehow makes the first image even stronger. For the second one, your point of view is very unique and successful. For me, I think it may need more light for her back.

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