photography, Western Michigan University

Caitlin Stumpf



Caitlin Stumpf
ART 3470: Digital Photography I

Digital Print; 11″ x 17″

Series of 20

Wonder: R.J. Palacio
For the final project, we selected a work of fiction. From this, we visualized our experience with the book for a series of 20 photographs.

These photos belong to a series in which I have documented drag queens in performances and in real life. The aim is to challenge the typical gender binaries of male and female and to better understand how we express ourselves as individuals. The photos that will follow these are of the expressions and reactions people give to these drag queens out of confusion, judgement, or ignorance in our everyday settings.

3 thoughts on “Caitlin Stumpf”

  1. I’m not sure what to think of these images, and that is very fitting with the reactions part of your statement above. It fits because I am often confused by drag queens and why they chose the outfits/lifestyle/etc that they do. I would be very interested to see the photos that you choose to follow these with. I’m sure some people would be purely faces of curiosity while others probably have extreme distaste depending on their beliefs. It also interests me that these photos don’t have any sort of a crowd in them, yet they seem to be depicting a performance.

  2. I’ve never been to a drag queen show before, but I have seen a play with an actor in drag. I admire the men willing to do so because it shows how brave they are to deviate from the gender norms. I also like the use of lighting so you see the subject clearly.

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