4 thoughts on “Kara Collins”

  1. I like the picture on the bottom more because their is enough recognizable information in focus to draw me in, but still a shallow enough depth of field to retain mystery and ambiguity. The picture on top (without the vials) is missing anything recognizable, so just becomes more of a composition of shapes, which is maybe what you wanted, but less compelling to me.

  2. The bottom photograph interests me a lot more because it’s a lot more in focus, which I like better because I can actually tell what the picture is about and what objects are in the picture being shown. In the top photograph, there’s a lot of blur which takes away the message about the photograph, and confuses the viewers into not knowing what they’re looking at. The colors are really great because the oranges contrast against the soft blues and whites.

  3. My eye went to the text shown in the bottom picture first. I agree that a larger depth of field might improve the top photo. As it is the focus is on the piece of glass to the left and I don’t know what it is. The bottom one does seem to tell a story which fits into the narrative theme of the project.

  4. Agreeing with some of the other posts, I think your second image is more successful because of the image quality. I enjoy that it gives us more context through the focus, lighting, and framing. I would love to know what book this series was based off of. I definitely get a murder mystery vibe!

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