3 thoughts on “Mariesa DeSantis”

  1. The selective lighting at the bottom really creates a cool effect for the viewer. I’m guessing you did this by lighting the subject, moving them and lighting again keeping the shutter open throughout. Fir that style and techniques I think it turned out great.

  2. I like the contrast with the two photos being together. In the top one, it gives off a creepy/ mysterious vibe with the dark shadows, dark/mellow colors, and how you can’t see the woman’s face because it’s hiding behind her hat. In the bottom one, for contrast, it gives off a really magical/fantasy vibe with the blues in the back, and how the girl has two heads. I really love the bottom photo, I think you did a really good job with accomplishing the look of two heads and the lighting on her face is really dramatic which adds a nice appealing touch to it.

  3. Both these photos create a sense of narrative, which is in keeping with your assignment. I agree that the partial lighting of the faces contributes to this. Both create a kind of mystery. The ghost image in the bottom one turned out great. Your lighting of the space in the bottom adds additional dramatic effect.

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