5 thoughts on “Nate Whittington”

  1. I love the disorienting nature of the bottom piece. The angle of the camera really threw me off and drew me to look at it further. Good composition.

  2. The feeling that these two images give off is really old and rustic which makes it that much more interesting to look at. I like how the top picture shows the chaos from the exterior, and how the bottom focuses on a certain space in the interior. The places look hopeless and broken down which is a cool look to them overall. The compositions are really nice overall

  3. These photos have a post-apocalyptic feeling to them, by all the rubble and ruins in the buildings. Especially for the top one, the gray sky gives a feeling of lifelessness and the bottom one feels more like a zombie apocalypse has happened.

  4. I really love the composition of the top image. The two together are just little off for me, however. I wish that either the top image had a bit more contrast, or conversely, that the bottom had less. As a series of 20 images these might make more sense, but stylistically they’re a little disconnected for me. (Individually I love them, though! 🙂 )

  5. In the first image, the interactions between the textures of the abandoned building and the black debris are very interesting. I’m thinking maybe you could bring up the brightness and add some more contrast a little bit. I also like the composition of your second photograph where diagonal lines coming up together from the shades to the brighter area.

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