10 thoughts on “Peter Schreve”

  1. This looks great! The lighting is dramatic/cinematic and works well with what you are going for. I’m impressed with the clarity in these photos even though they were shot in pretty dark spaces. The sharpness of the photos is also very good. Your photos are interesting and make me want to see the whole series! The composition works, too. No negative critiques here!

  2. I really love the quality of light in these photographs. They’re very enticing and definitely make you wonder what the photos are about (before reading your artist statement). I can’t decide which one I am attached to more, which is probably a good thing in this case. My only critique would be that I wish you had gotten rid of the small white/light object on the left frame edge of the second photo. It is a bit distracting and I don’t think it’s necessary in any way to the image.

  3. The lighting in these photographs are really amazing. It highlights the guy really well so that the viewers know that he’s the main subject. The dramatic lighting in the top photo gives off a creepy vibe like you don’t want to mess with that guy, giving off a tough guy feel. The tough guy feel is really shown in each of these photographs so I think you did a really good job capturing that with your “Fight Club” idea. I also like how there’s not a lot of bright colors here, and that the colors are all tuned down to create a sad/ mellow kind of setting.

  4. You were definitely successful in achieving the Fight Club vibe. Your lighting choices were really smart, and keep the pieces cohesive. I’d love to see the whole series. Great photos.

  5. the lighting is interesting in your images. In the first one, lights from below adds a sense of ominous to the photograph, and really works to direct viewers’ attention to the figure. The back lights in the second one also adds a sense of drama to it. Maybe you could dodge the figure a little bit to make him pop like in the first one.

  6. I like the compositions and lighting strategies in both pictures, which helped emphasize the subjects. However, I wish the background in second picture could be a little more darker to make the person pop out. You can also consider removing some of the distracting elements in the background.

  7. These two images really drew me in and interested me as to what the rest of the series might be. Your composition, choice of detail and lighting, and contrast work really well together. Very consistent. The top photograph wall is a little grainy but I actually think it works well with your series. Nice work!

  8. We covered Chuck’s work in one of my undergraduate journalism classes because he’s particularly detailed in his descriptions. The chapter in the book when Tyler cooks Marla’s mother has really incredible imagery.

    I agree with previous comments on your color choices, the minimal palette is effective in these images.

  9. These two images really drew me in because to me the first photo kind of seems like he’s waiting for something like he has something important to do and doesn’t know if he is ready. And in the second photo it seem like he is smoking his last smoke and heading out.

  10. I was thinking more about this and I’m wondering if you were influenced at all by David Fincher’s version of Fight Club. If you are attracted to his minimal color palette, then consider his attention to detail in his sets.

    His colors aren’t intensely desaturated, the scenes just have objects within them that maintain a minimal feel. Sometimes he accents a color, like in the film ‘Zodiac’ – here’s some stills :


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