6 thoughts on “Aj Becker”

  1. What a beautiful, surreal place! I wonder where it is! The colored lights are a beautiful choice. I wonder if you have more pictures from further inside. The way you have this photo framed really makes me want to crawl inside!

  2. Wow, just wow. I love this picture because of how fantasy like it is. The bright colors look great and well balanced, the reason I say that is because if there are too many bright colors in something, it becomes too much for the viewer to handle. I also like the dark colors at the bottom of the cave to contrast from the bright colors.

  3. Wow, this photo is so beautiful! I really love all the colors that are reflecting in the cave. If you took more pictures of the cave I’d be really interested in seeing more, or maybe even seeing another picture next to this one.The exaggerating of the colors really makes this photograph pop out to people scrolling down this page. Great job with the colors, and framing!

  4. Its like Georgia O’Keefe on ice. All I have to say really. Especially the bottom one. But both of them. Tasty. Well, guess I’ll say that the bottom works better for me, because the dark values don’t get washed out with the pink, so there’s more depth. The top one kind of gets flattened out, where the pink is. But their both still cool.

  5. Beautiful colors overall. I was scrolling down the blog and this really caught my eye. The high variety of contrast in both photos really helps create a surreal type of feeling to them. Wonderful compositions but the bottom one is definitely my favorite because it has more depth in the colors and creates a more surreal feel to the composition for me.

  6. The top image looks very washed out in the lower left corner and the very saturated bright colors make that area stand out even more. You do get a nice tonal range in the pink and purple hues. The second image is more successful because areas in the image are darker than others.

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