7 thoughts on “Fengyu (Lloyd) Wang”

  1. I love the tactile quality that these photos have. The close-up nature of the pictures makes them feel like a kind of portrait. I wonder when I look at them what would have been going on for the person whose digits are being shown. For example, are they nervous? Are they daydreaming? The framing and detail look good.

  2. The color palette in the first image immediately draws me in. I wish that the lighting in the second image looked less fluorescent and was more consistent with the first. The posing of the fingers and toes and the closely cropped composition makes them look sculptural.

  3. The composition of the fingers look nice, how they’re all bunched up together.The lighting on the toes is good, but not as interesting compositionally.

  4. Really strong composition – the tangled toes and fingers balanced with the clean simplicity keep my eyes moving around the frame while not becoming overwhelming. The lighting choices were also quite successful. The only distracting part of either image for me is the out of focus thumb. Because it is such a prominent part of your frame I wish it had been in focus with the other fingers. Great pictures

  5. I like how the fingers, when all bunched up together, almost look like something other than fingers, like tiny little sea shells or m&ms. I also like the composition of the toes photo. I like how the toes lace together and create a zipper-feel with the vertical image.

  6. I hate feet (they gross me out), but they don’t in this photo. I love all the details that you can see in both photos. You can see the fingerprints on the toes and small creases of skin on the fingers. I don’t think that would have stood out as much if the focus wasn’t as shallow as it is.

  7. I love how familiar I feel with these images while at the same time almost feeling uncomfortable. Something as everyday to us as fingers and toes are now being seen in a different way, clustered into weird bunches that are reminiscent of cells uncontrollably multiplying. You just feel like there are too many and they’re going to take over everything.

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