6 thoughts on “Lauren Arndt”

  1. Without any context, these photos look like glamour shots — The make-up, and the bed sheet that is so strategically placed and manipulated that it looks more like a dress. These are interesting as planned out studio portraits, but I don’t really get an idea of the subject’s personality. It would feel more intimate if she was caught in a more natural state.

  2. Yeah I’m trying to make sense of what this is. The chiaroscuro (light and dark) look nice, especially on the subject with the lights on her arms, face, and leg. Otherwise that’s all I have to say

  3. These are the types of photos that look more stunning in black and white than they would in color. The subject is really beautiful, and the way you set up the subject works really well. The contrast is also really nice in the sheets and in the background against the white of the sheets and her skin. The shadows casted look really beautiful as well. Good job!

  4. The lighting of these images remind me of film noir. I agree with a previous commenter that the chiaroscuro is nice. I wonder if it would have been more prominent with less contrast.

  5. Beautiful lighting. Very old style feeling surrounding the images which is pleasing to the eye. I love the style of these.

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