7 thoughts on “Tommy Jasmin”

  1. The line down the center of her face and the odd effect of the mirror image is distracting from your concept. I actually didn’t notice the black and white/color comparison until I read your blurb. Maybe you could forgo the mirroring process and make half of the original image black and white.

  2. I think it is very interesting that your image demonstrates how human face is not symmetric, that if you splice together the same side of a face it actually turns out weird. Also the interaction between the color half and the B&W one adds more dynamics to the photograph. I’m thinking maybe your could get rid of the black strip in the middle of her face and make the transition more smooth so that the unfamiliarity is more prominent if contrasted with a more realistic look.

  3. I think this post-process is convincing at first glance. I didn’t realize this is a composed image for a few seconds. I enjoyed the uncanny look of the perfect symmetrical face. It makes me realize the left and right of our face are noticeably different, but i think that’s more because of the facial features rather than the contrast between color and b&w.

  4. I like what your intent was for this photo. Part of me wonders if what you were trying to convey would be stronger if you had just split her face in half and edited one side black and white instead of mirroring her face. I am a little too distracted by the shadow on the ridge of the nose and the eyebrows, but otherwise I think this is a very strong photograph!

  5. I really like the mirrored type image, and your idea of conveying different emotions through color and black and white was really effective. There’s definitely a different feel for each side: the Black and White side feels a little more dramatic and gloomy, whereas the colored side feels more normal and happy. The shadows are somewhat distracting, and it looks like there’s a distinct line drawn down the face with these shadows (may be a good thing). I also really like how the background is pitch black so the girl is the total focus of the photograph and nothing is distracting your eye from it.

  6. I really like the concept you tried to convey in this picture. However, I did have a heard time noticing the color difference between the black and white side and the color side. It should have been very obvious to the viewer because these are two very different effects but I didn’t see it until I read your statement. I love the idea you had but maybe make it a bit more obvious next time (maybe more lighting on her face or a colored background?) and the portrait will be even stronger!

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