photography, Western Michigan University

Jacquie Timm



Jacquie Timm
ART 3470: Digital Photography I

Digital Print; 6″ x 6″

Series of 20

Charlie in the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

For the final project, we selected a work of fiction. From this, we visualized our experience with the book for a series of 20 photographs. In Charlie in the Chocolate Factory the characters have been related to the 7 deadly sins, Charlie(lust) Veruca(greed) Agustus(glutony) Violet(pride) Mike TV(sloth) Grandpa Joe(envy) and Willy Wonka(wrath). In this photo series I tried to capture the 7 deadly sins by the representing the characters with the candy that they are related to in the book. These two images represent Pride for Violet who chewed gum, and Greed for Veruca who was a bad egg.

3 thoughts on “Jacquie Timm”

  1. The high contrast and bright color are very eye-catching. I like your idea to use objects as metaphor to convey your narrative concept. In addition, the compositions in both pictures are well designed and helped the theme as well.

  2. The colors and contrast are both really nice but I am quite distracted by the background which seems like it was meant to be more dark, I would suggest burning the photo around the objects so the context is eliminated.

  3. While I see where you were going with the concept, I think in an attempt to create an eye-catching photo you went a little too far with high contrast, vibrancy, and saturation. The combination of all three of those plus the strong lighting created a chaos of colors and white patches. I think these could work a lot better if those three would be adjusted.

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