14 thoughts on “Jared Tyler”

  1. I just refreshed the page, and saw this picture and it was so cool! It really caught my eye, there’s so much deep meaning behind this I’m sure, and I would love to learn more about the story behind this and what made you want to photograph this! The lines of the water lead you into the background, and the water does a great job of framing the guy in the middle. Him laying in the water creates a sad/depressing tone like he just gave up.

  2. This is a really strong picture with the composition and overall visual quality. You did a great job dealing with the depth of field and using color scheme to emphasize the narrative nature of the photograph. The reflection surrounding the head also adds poetic element to the picture.

  3. Yeah this picture is super compelling, and really beautiful too. awesome colors, time of day is is ideal for the emotional tone of the picture. Total eye candy. I also crave a story of some sort. I think the title you have actually seals the deal. Totally. Nice work.

  4. What an amazing photograph. Everything about this picture is spot on. Your composition and lighting and depth of field are great. Because those are all aligned and pleasing, I think viewers have more freedom to explore the meaning of the photo. Great work!

  5. The composition of this photo is spot on – I love the symmetrical lines of the water and the centered subject. From the ripples on the water to the careful lighting, you really nailed the details with this image. Overall just a very nice quality piece! Love it.

  6. This is an overall gorgeous photo and I love the slightly surreal and very compelling aspect of it. I like that there might be a narrative to it, but you aren’t imposing any specific meanings on it or shoving metaphors in our face. You obviously have a good eye and artistic ideas. Keep it up! My one critique with this is I think the far away background is distracting and not necessary. Being closer to the subject and eliminating that bright horizon on the left would probably improve the photo

  7. Wow, this photo really does grab your attention instantly. It’s one of those works that is hauntingly beautiful. I wish you had a caption as to what you were photographing this for or the meaning because it is absolutely beautiful. I wonder if it is supposed to be representative, such as of an illness or struggle, or if it’s a bit more literal of struggle, falling, or even something as horrific as murder or abuse. No matter what it’s meaning, if it even was intended to have one, it is absolutely a gorgeous photograph.

  8. I agree with many of the other comments, lighting and tone are great to evoke an emotive response in the viewer. I do however think the photo would be more interesting without the floating paper boat, seems a bit cliche to me but that’s just me. Good job

  9. I think what I love most about this photograph is that I can’t tell whether the person is getting up or falling down, The ripples in the water make it obvious that some movement is happening, but it is unclear as to what that movement is. If the figure is getting up, it triggers a feeling of hopefulness but if the figure is falling down, it triggers one of defeat. The ambiguity of the photo makes it very compelling.

  10. The light in this photo is so beautiful! The post processing on the color tones is very pleasing as is the placement of the vanishing point – would love to see the rest of the set!

  11. Great works!! I like the environment scene. It looks sentimentally lonely. I like how the water reflected. It looks impressive.

  12. This picture is great. It struck me when I was scrolling down and it caught my eye to how nicely done it was. I love the colors, the composition, and the eeriness that is with the whole portrait. The origami boat floating in the water is a phenomenal touch that I would have never thought to include. It makes me wonder, what does it mean? And the blurred building in the background also makes me curious as to what that could be– does it have any relevance to the man? Overall, you did a fantastic job with this picture. I would love to see more from you!

  13. This image is honestly perfection. The composition does a wonderful job of not leaving any part of the image untouched by the eye.
    The DOF choice makes it so we can focus on the subjects (person & boat) without being distracted by all of the details in the grass, or background trees & building. Along with literally being hazy, it gives the idea of haziness of the mind. The person running away wants to be far away, they want the building to disappear. As well as this they look like they would be in the state of mind to be seeing things very much in front of them and possibly blurred out due to their emotional state.
    To me it looks like this person was running away from the building in the background, probably to escape the people inside. Perhaps an unaccepting/abusive family or school system. And then we see the boat floating away from the body, seeming to continue on the journey that the person couldn’t manage to go onto.

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