4 thoughts on “Nastassja Muchin”

  1. I love the lighting on the 2nd image. It has very good highlights and shadows. I also like it is abstracted, I cannot tell exactly what it is. The same with the first one, I think it is doughnuts.

  2. If you are trying to make an image that makes the object unidentifiable, the second is very successful. The first looks too much like donuts. The shadows cast in the second image with the staggered objects are beautiful. Great lighting.

  3. The second image is the most successful because it is the least identifiable. I enjoy the slow read that happens, where the first is so quickly identifiable.

  4. I really enjoy the use of pattern and repetition within these two images. I love how the bread are both being abstracted. The viewer technically doesn’t know what these images are, but the textures of the subjects help with identifying what it is.

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