7 thoughts on “Anna Leavitt”

  1. The detail in the abstraction of your images is really working for you. The warm color scheme and natural elements tie these two images together really nicely. I’d love to see the other 18!

  2. The close-ups of the subjects in your photograph are really interesting to look at. They make sterile floral forms look almost abstract and even like decayed biomorphic forms. For the second image, I think you may knock down the background a little it, as now it seems a little bit too busy with so many subjects. And I also feel that maybe a little bit sharpening could make your photographs look much better

  3. I love how abstract and detailed both of these photographs are. You have a really nice focus on the different textures in both pieces as well. The textures in both photographs contrast really nicely together and give off an interesting effect to the eye when put together like this. I’m curious as to what work of fiction you selected to help influence you into taking these pictures. Overall I think these are very aesthetically pleasing to look at, and you did a really good job composing and framing each photograph!

  4. that tree stump looks like it was bleeding because of how red the stump looks. The second photo has nice detail on the spines due to how much focus they have.

  5. I love the concept here. Having read the book when I was a kid these photos really remind me of the general feeling of the book. Great close-up shots. I really love the details in the textures you captured.

  6. I really like the concept, composition, and depth of field used in these two photos. They have an eery quality to them, the top for looking like a bleeding tree, and the bottom for looking as though it’s capturing the movement of the plant. My only concern is that the top photo looks a little dark.

  7. The detail in these photographs are really beautiful. I’ve always loved macro photography, and I think you did a really good job finding the details in these outdoor plants and trees. These are areas that we don’t normally look at every day, and these photos help open my eyes to look for the smaller details that we miss in objects in everyday life. Good job overall!

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