8 thoughts on “David Cruickshank”

  1. Both images feature strong horizontal diagonals and make me wonder what the rest of your series looks like. In the first image I’m most drawn to the young girl, but wish her gaze was looking into the camera or maybe that the woman on the left was removed so the little girl was a stronger focus. I love the shadows from the sticks in the bottom image and am forced to wonder the scale of those sticks compared to the trees in the background.

  2. The printing technique on these photos make them much more dynamic, the glow of the light and dark patches are very pleasing to my eye. The composition on the second photograph might be more successful if the horizon wasn’t at such slight angle but I think the curvature of the snow makes it less noticeable.

  3. I like the strong lines in both photos, but as the first commenter said I wish the woman’s back was not in the first photo. I like how the slight blurriness and darker sky (in the second photo) make the photos look old and worn.

  4. I am printing the black and white paper photo. I know how difficult to print out. I like the vintage printing. I like the way to print out.

  5. I agree that these photo have a vintage look to them. While I don’t think that the overexpose areas in the first photo add to this vintage look, I think that it does add some sort of otherworldly feel to the image. That being said the glow does distract from the focal point. More emphasis on the little girl might have strengthened the composition.

  6. I really like how these photos look almost vintage-like. The pictures give off a kind of mysterious, and creepy vibe. In the tree picture it looks like an abandoned street, and in the top picture it makes you question what the little girl looking at the camera is thinking. There are very strong horiztonal lines in each picture that mimic one another, so I think these photos worked really well together, good job overall!

  7. These two photos both give me a nostalgic feeling. I like how you left the top edge and left bottom shining in the first photo. And I really like the composition in your second photo which has a horizontal and vertical visual direction at the same time. The contrast of black and white looks perfect in the second photo.

  8. I wished the second image was cropped on the bottom. There is too much over exposed, negative space. The sky looks really interesting and almost like a halo.

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