12 thoughts on “Gwen Taylor”

  1. I’m curious what your work of fiction was for these photographs. I have no idea what the first would be from, but they are both a bit ominous. I think that the second one could be from the movie “Pulse,” but I’m not entirely sure. Very neat way of photographing your subject!

  2. The use of long exposure makes your images visually striking. But I just feel it’s a little bit too dark to focus on the subjects. Maybe you could brighten up the images a little bit, and add more contrast. Also, you might want to burn the foreground of the second photograph a little bit as my eyes are constantly drawn to the stuffs in front instead of the figure.

  3. For your purpose, I feel the second image may be more successful. A strong narrative seems to be going on and I enjoy how everything except for the woman is perfectly still. While compositionally I love the the first image, I’m not sure what is going on or what story is being told. It seems that a person was in the image but I’m not sure what I should be focusing in because it is all so blurred.

  4. I intrigued by the use of long exposure, the first image looks like the viewer is running towards the building at high speeds like The Flash. The second picture looks like something from a supernatural movie where the girl is possessed by a en entity of some kind. I find these two very well done, and the low lighting works as well.

  5. The dim lighting in both of the photos works well with the exposure effect and makes the viewer more easily explore the remaining details of the photos. I’m not sure what the narrative could be for either of these but I like the composition enough that I don’t really care.

  6. I think both of these images are a little dark. However, they are very intriguing and I wish I knew the assignment in full. The top image has a dark spot in motion like a person was standing to the right, but it is not clear enough to make out. This might be a little distracting to viewers and confusing on what your intent was supposed to be…

  7. Based on these two photos alone it is a little difficult to interpret what you were going for conceptually. In addition to that, I can’t seem to find the consistency between the blurred motion in the two since one is a moved lens during long exposure and one is movement during long exposure. Both are a little too faded, so either that was done in editing or the exposure was too long. The bottom photo could have been going somewhere thanks to the two towels on the door mimicking the “two” women of the long exposure, especially since one towel is white and one is black.

  8. The top photo that makes the camera appear to be moving is a bit confusing- I’m not sure what the subject should be or the purpose of the blurring. However, the bottom picture of the girl in the mirror is much more objective. It looks like a very personal picture because it is obviously taken in someones home and has pictures on the wall, toothbrushes laying out, and of course dim bathroom lighting. Nice composition with the towels and post-its framing the subject.

  9. These photos really caught my eye when scrolling through the web page. They kind of frustrate me in the way that I keep wanting to focus in on the subjects, but I just can’t. I really enjoy the second picture because you can kind of tell what’s going on by the in-focus background, and then the subject being blurred creates an eery/ mysterious feel. On the top photo I’m not exactly sure what’s happening, or what the subject is that I’m supposed to be focused in on.

  10. These photos really caught my eye as I was scrolling. It reminded me of how we all have those days where everything is just a blur; either they day went by to fast, or the fact that you don’t feel well, or even the fact that you don’t really feel like being at that particular place so there is less motivation to pay attention.

  11. I like these pictures because not only are they cool and amazing but they also seem to tell a story for example a person that is a abuses drugs and hasn’t taken drugs for a while is feeling crazy or also it can mean someone with anxiety problems and makes people see that who haven’t gone through it.

  12. I like how you use the photo technique. There pictures are amazing. On your purpose, it is a work of fiction. I want to see the other series.

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