Mississippi State University, photography

Haleigh Parker



Haleigh Parker
ART 3233: Studio Lighting
Digital Print
3 Images in Series

Barbie has often been used as a model for the “perfect woman”. In this series, I use the symbolism of Barbie to show that, just like us, no one is perfect – including Barbie. Even though we may seem perfect and that we have it all together on the outside, what’s going on in the inside might be a completely different story.

18 thoughts on “Haleigh Parker”

  1. I love how at a first glance I did not know these images were of a doll. Really nice staging and lighting contained in the images.

  2. I’m not entirely sure why, but these photos are a bit disconcerting. I think it may be because of the way that you chose to photograph Barbie, and that she looks disheveled herself, an unusual way to see her. I think it is also because she looks like she could almost be human in the second one the way that the light is cast, which is a bit creepy in itself. I really like your concept though & the way that you took the photographs.

  3. I enjoy how in the second image, we can’t see her face. This heightens the idea that Barbie is as real as one of us. Her in-step motion works toward this as well because it takes her into the human real (instead of being a stiff doll). The light coming in through the door is a great touch – almost like she’s going into another world. I enjoy the first image as well but wish it was opened up a bit and more highlights existed.

  4. Your photographs are really well composed, with all these little props carefully distributed across the whole image. The dark tone makes the theme you try to convey much stronger. Yet, I think maybe they are a little bit too dark and too flat. Probably for the first image, you could brighten up the figure a little bit, so to balance the bright pot and stove on the top left. And for the bottom one, I think maybe you could add more contrast to it so the silhouette of the figure will pop more.

  5. The concept of your project was very well executed, I enjoy the contrast and between the exterior/interior makes the space seem surreal and hard to distinguish it as a dollhouse. I think with another small light source that this effect could be enhanced but it still works nicely. Good work!

  6. I really like your idea and think you did a good job in setting up the scenes. The color compositions and surrounding objects were well designed, going well with the “barbie” theme to tell a story.

  7. I really like your concept, however it seems a little cliché. The lighting on the doll looks really good and dramatic, especially coming from the door in the bottom photo. I like how you set up the scenes yourself which makes the photos that more interesting and special. You did a really good job at making Barbie look not perfect. I wish her face was a little more highlighted with light in the top photo with her by the oven, as if she was shielding her face from a bright light shining on her after she dropped the pan from the oven. Good job overall though with your idea and framing/setting up the scenes!

  8. Barbie could look pretty depressed, and the lighting matches the tone as well. She may feel pressure to look like “the ideal girl” like the media constantly pushes over and over. The first pose clearly shows frustration of having to look perfect all the time.

  9. I think you did a great job conveying the idea of the ”real” Barbie through the composition and most especially, the lighting. By keeping it dark you expressed the depressing mood of the scene and also succeeded in keeping the image lit enough to see through the shadows. I think the composition of the second image is a bit stronger than the first one (maybe add a little cropping on the right), but great job overall.

  10. The lighting in these images is great, from moving from inside to the outside and from the oven light in the kitchen. These images were well thought out and the idea to use Barbie is very unique. Nice Job.

  11. I did not know that it was barbie. It looks incredibly humanize.
    I also like the light source. It is coming from the outside, which is like a nature light.

  12. I think you did a great job playing with the juxtaposition between the inside and outside, of metaphorically Barbie’s self and physically Barbie’s house. I love the light peeking in through the door and the windows in both pictures and think the dim coloring overall works with your idea spoken about in the artist statement. Great job and great idea– I think this is something we can all relate to.

  13. I love the subject matter and concept here and the composition in the both photographs with all of the details added. I would only say that the shadows in the top photo hides some of those details.

  14. I really enjoy your concept and the way you chose to execute it. I wish the images were just a little bit lighter so I could see more of the detail you put into it, while still having the same effect.

  15. The concept is really great! I love the lighting in the second image as it hits Barbie as she exits! Makes me think of the doll as a person with authority.

  16. The use of lighting and execution of staging the subject are superb in these images. It is actually quite uncomfortable how real these scenes seem and how even though I know this is a Doll being used, it feels like a real woman is the subject of these images. I think through well executed composition and very real subject matter you have managed to bring life to this inanimate object.
    It’s so interesting to see Barbie: the top example of what a real woman should not be modeled after, going through situations that real imperfect women would go through. The spokesperson for perfection is being seen for once as human and flawed.

  17. I think the first image is hilarious. My friend would say she looks like “haggard shit” from a night of drinking. I think it would be interesting to see more images of Barbie being effected emotionally.

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