7 thoughts on “Jakob Trombley”

  1. I think both these photographs are compelling and draw me in as a viewer. The portrait is beautifully temperatured and the contrast and curves are great. The fence picture is a little cliche and I want the focus to be more towards the right….but if these are in a serious Im sure you have your reasons for composition and focus.

  2. I, personally, have been experimenting with depth of field and think you’ve done a great job with that here. Both pieces also feature such a harsh angle that pulls the viewer into the back right side of the photo. I keep going back and forth with whether these images would be more successful if they were cropped in tighter. You have such great lighting in the top photo and I would love to see more in that style.

  3. I really like your portrait. The unorthodox angle of the sitter combined with the unique lighting created an eye-catching photo and my eye easily moves around the photo. I think your choice to keep in such a large amount of background worked, especially with the shadows where the light doesn’t hit on the left side. Those shadows frame the sitter very well and helps connect the out-of-focus backdrop with him.

  4. These photos turned out very nice. The dim colors in both really bring in a sense of uncertainty but not quite grimness which is successful. I am a little confused as to what the meaning behind the pictures are but because this is your final project based off of fiction, it may purposefully not be clear to anyone besides you. I think the stronger of the two portraits is the first, for the second seems to be lacking the same intensity that the first holds. I personally wish I could see more of the background in the fence picture.

  5. Love the idea of storytelling thought photographs. It would be nice to see all of the photos in the series or to see a single photo that captures a full story all at once. Although they are both visually pleasing images, I do not understand the underlying story though the two images. I also really enjoy the lighting on the top photo.

  6. I really like the first image. Lighting like that is a bit unorthodox for portrait photography, which makes it that much more intriguing to look at. The shadows really work well with the lit areas of his body to provide a unique look.

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