12 thoughts on “Joanie Fox”

  1. The sheer color contained in these images is very nice. It accentuates the flower nicely, especially in the top image. nice use of composition with the flowers as well.

  2. The bottom photograph is my favorit. The color temperature and lighting is so well done it looks like a painting. The bottom photograph could be on a postcard or a business card. Nice work.
    The top photograph is just a little too busy for me. The green plant closest to the lens is a little too much and too dull.

  3. While I love both of these images, I think the second is your stronger picture. The green of the top image is a little distracting with the wall. It would be interesting if the wall had been a color that played off the color of the bottom flowers (so they’d be opposites of sorts?). Great quality

  4. I had the same reaction to the color composition and I wish that the top photo had a background that was anywhere from blue/purple/pink – something to make the light white and green/yellow pop. It could be interesting to try a dark background because those specific flowers are so light. Finally, the cropping on the first photo is a bit tight on the top – giving it a bit more space would allow it to breathe.

  5. I love nature photography, and I really love these two photos, especially the photos and how you framed the flowers in the shot. I don’t really like how the yellow flowers in the top picture blend into the bright yellow background, but it does give a cool effect in a way, as if the flowers are trying to blend in or melt into the background. The bottom picture is my favorite, especially because of how much the bright red flowers pop out against the bright yellow background. The red flowers are really exaggerated and highlighted which I really like a lot. Overall I like your simple concept, and the colors are gorgeous!

  6. Very nice photographs, I think if you are to focus on these plants that you should spend a little more time arranging the composition since the piece is about their arrangement and relationship to the wall. The range of greens is also very nice.

  7. Your photographs are visually pleasing. I like your choice of the bright yellow background, which makes the whole image very vivid and dynamic. Also the flatness of the background minimizes the sense of context or space, drawing viewers’ attention all to the flowers. I think you could sharpen the image a little bit more as I can’t help wanting to see the subjects pop more.

  8. The bright yellow background works better for the second photo than the first. Contour of the yellow flowers in the first photo becomes undistinguishable on the background.

  9. These are very well done. By using the lighting to create a sort of gradient yellow tone for the background allowed the flowers to pop. It especially works because the yellow background does not match any of the yellow flowers. It works best on the bottom image because the yellow flowers in the top are directly next to the backdrop, maybe a rearrangement of the flowers would have worked better.

  10. The background wall works well with the color of the photos.
    I would have liked to have seen the second arrangement with the tulips arranged in a more visually pleasing way, however the overall image works well. Again nice work with overall composition and use of color and lighting.

  11. Both of these photographs are very nicely captured. I love the bright flowers against the bright backgrounds; however, I do think that the flowers look slightly dull against such a phenomenally bright background (mostly in just the latter picture). Both the red and the green in the flowers appear duller shades in the photograph than they probably were in actuality. I think that the second photograph would be your stronger print between the two if you found a way to make the red of the flower pop a bit more against the background (maybe by changing the lighting a bit). Overall though, I love the composition of both photographs and think your idea is great (and very springy!)

  12. The extreme vibrancy is very graphic. I really like these photos compositionally, but I worry that they could read a bit commercial. What would it look like to do the same technique with picked wildflowers or damaged produce from the grocery store? That dichotomy might be interesting to progress your concept further..

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