photography, Western Michigan University

Lauren Latouf



Lauren Latouf
ART 3470: Digital Photography I

Digital Print; 8″ x 10″

Series of 20

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

These photos are from my final project for Digital Photo 1 where we used research from a fiction book to inspire our photos. I chose Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, which deals with depression throughout high school among other things. The drawings over the faces represent how detached you can be when in a depression even though you may be surrounded by love. The legs dangling show how you can be around friends and family and not know who is really suffering depression.

5 thoughts on “Lauren Latouf”

  1. The scribbling over the face provides really moving imagery. Also, the legs in the top image really blend in and provide a shock when noticed. Really very nice compositions.

  2. The color tone of the photos are very stylish and vintage-like. While the subjects look spontaneous in the pictures, these photos appear very narrative. I really like the second photo, it’s visually strong, while conveying a story. I wish you could adjust the contrast or curve to make the people stand out just a little bit more though.

  3. This is a heavy topic you are working with in your imagery. I had not noticed the dangling legs until I read your statement and went back to the image. It was well positioned that it did not stand out to me at first. The compositions work well. Very powerful.

  4. Those details in your photos are so strong and thoughtful. You skillfully showed your attention to people who deals with depression. It is successful that the drawings over face and the hanging leg are both very creative but did not make photos look creepy or offensive. I really appreciate that!

  5. I’m having trouble reading the feet dangling. It interestingly peculiar once see them but I don’t feel a direct connection to subject matter without your explanation. There is a lot more of a story going on in the rest of the picture for me to see the legs symbolically (curious about what it look like with all the faces scribbled out?)

    I really like the scribbled out face! I really like how it obscures the face. I think it works well with the issue you’re trying to approach but I do think its important to know who is being defaced and who is doing the defacing. The implications are very different depending on the characters involved in the making of this. Based on what you mentioned about the story you are working from, the marks have more to do with how a person feels about themselves than how you feel about them. You could take a portrait of someone and have them “deface” themselves how they wish.

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