4 thoughts on “Milica Cvetkovic”

  1. I really love the way the light from the window illuminates the face of the model, especially in the second photo. I think her expression is more emotive in the 2nd as well, which is why I am more drawn to it. I think the photos may have been a bit stronger if you had burned the light areas in the window down a bit. Right now, they are so bright that I go there first and then see the model as secondary. I also wonder what your reason for the photos was… I get a feeling of deep thought in the model, but I wonder what else there is to it.

  2. I agree with Lauren, I am drawn more to the window than to the figure. While I do enjoy the harsh shadow across her face, I feel it would have been more successful if the other half of her face had been better lit. This would create a great amount of contrast and make her face the focal point. I would also be interested in seeing more of the lower half of her body as opposed to so much of the window above her. Again, I may feel differently if I knew the meaning behind these photos.

  3. I really like the contrast between the dark areas on the right and the light areas on the left in both portraits. I also think that you made a good choice with having her wear green, for it brings a freshness that contrasts nicely against the winter weather outside. But I do agree with what the other critiques say: what is the meaning behind these pictures? I think that the second photograph is stronger because it looks less posed and more intense, but what feeling is going on behind the intensity? Great job, but a little clarification would be nice.

  4. Great portraits, they really focus on the individual and I give you props for using natural lighting. I would have liked to have seen more of her face, since the right side is covered in shadows that could have easily been avoided. It creates more harsh shadows, and a reflector would have helped with balancing the light more. Not all portraits need to have meaning and I enjoy that there is no commentary for the photographs. Also, great contrast with the winter background and bright green outfit.

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