7 thoughts on “Lucia Arellano”

  1. I like the composition and contrast of this photo. You did a great job using them to emphasize the subject. The photo captured a spontaneous moment that is very interesting to look at. I wish you could further zoom in and show more details of the subject.

  2. I am interested in what the other four of this series might be. This image has beautiful contrast and colors. I wish there wasn’t a streak of shadow across her face however. I also think you could probably crop in your image a little more but overall it is wonderful!

  3. I like how the lighting creates a triangular shape with the curtain and girl and leads us into the right side of the photo, though I am unsure how I feel about the strong negative space on the right, and think that would be dependent on seeing the rest of the series. Otherwise I really like the use of light in expressing the strong textures of the fabrics in the photo.

  4. While I really really enjoy the strong black color you achieved on the right side of the image I would like to see the image cropped in closer on the right side of the image. I am interested to see what the other 4 images in this series look like. I think your strong light and shadows work well with the fabrics.

  5. I really enjoy the composition of this picture as a whole. I think the contrast of the red against the black is very nicely set up and the shadows throughout the picture look effortlessly captured. My favorite part of the picture are the shadows captured on the curtains– the solid, heavy black streaks against the bright red look great. One thing I am curious to know more about is this girl’s outfit. What exactly is she wearing and why? Is she holding something, too? Some more information about your choices or the story behind the composition would be an added bonus.

  6. I really love the contrast in this picture! The vibrant red against the pitch black is really beautiful and helps capture a unique vibe for this piece as a whole. There is something mysterious about this photo with the girl hiding behind the curtain. Her face is confusing too, is she about to laugh, or does she look frightened? Overall the shadows and contrast look really nice on this photograph, good job!

  7. This image instantly grabbed my attention. The playfulness of the child is captured so well, and it is such a dramatic piece with the dark background and well lit subject. The child seems to be taking on the character of a wizard. Even though it feels playful, there is a certain darkness that comes with it. The color red tends to hint evil, and horror movies will use children to their advantage. Nothing is more terrifying that a child becoming the monster, because they are supposed to be innocent and pure. Nice job with this image, it can be interpreted in many ways.

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