Mississippi State University, photography

Mary Liz Herrington



Mary Liz Herrington
ART 3233 Studio Lighting
Digital Print
In a series of 8 images

These photos were taken for my basic portrait lighting project. For each lighting situation we had to match the mood with certain outfits and whatever else we wanted. I started the first photo in the series with just one color of paint on her face and then progressively added more colors on top until the very last picture. I decided for my split lighting photograph that I would paint over all the bright colors with just white to keep the mood.

6 thoughts on “Mary Liz Herrington”

  1. The lighting seems great in these photos. I would be really interested in seeing the other photos showing the progression of the paint. Cool concept.

  2. The lighting of second photo is interesting and works well with the face expression. But as the light was strong on the right side, it lost some details on the face. The color scheme of the first photo is good. A little further contrast would make the subject pop out more though.

  3. I think the lighting works for the top photo, but the harsh lighting in combination with the white paint on the bottom photo doesn’t work well. The landscape orientation leads to too much empty space on the left side and too much light on the right. You already have light on only the right side, so why decide to add the most reflective color to that side of the face as well? What would have happened if you had added the white paint to the darkened side of the face and allowed the light to bounce off that? For the top photo the white backdrop worked well in contrast with the colors of the shirt and paint.

  4. I feel that these images may have been stronger if they had been created portrait orientation instead of landscape, the large negative spaces on either side of the figure is distracting.
    Interesting idea with the progression of mood being shown with layers of makeup.

  5. I think you did a really fantastic job matching the lighting in each photo with the faces/ moods. The top picture gives off a more approachable, friendly feel, whereas the bottom picture gives of a creepy, do not approach type feeling. The makeup really makes a difference in helping to determine what the mood of the person looks like. Also, the lighting in the bottom picture is very dramatic, helping with the eery, creepy vibe. Good job! 🙂

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