photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Riley Mahr



Riley Mahr
Art 376: Photography
Silver Print

For these images I aimed to explore and accentuate the geometry of certain architecture around town. I took the black and white prints and, using masking, airbrushed watered down acrylic ink over the top to achieve a smooth gradient.

9 thoughts on “Riley Mahr”

  1. Riley,
    I didn’t realize you were in photography as well, but I absolutely love these pieces. It’s crazy how much they relate to your work in Intermediate Drawing. The combination of the grays/blacks/white with the blue airbrushing is really beautiful. I love how tastefully you did it because it I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t a reflection of the sky or something like that at first. I also really enjoy the strong geometry that these photos present. It makes them very interesting and dynamic.

  2. The compositions of your photographs are really interesting. The diagonal lines make the images very dynamic and draw viewers’ attention to the geometric shapes of the buildings. Also, I like your choice of the less saturated blue color to add on the B&W photographs. Stylistically, the blue is smoothly integrated into the images. They are very pleasing to look at.

  3. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at before I read your comments and that was really fun. The second photo has so many different depths and the black and white really flattens it so it is hard to tell where everything is, very cool. Also, nice choice on color as well.

  4. I like your choice of selective color. It is interesting that you edit the photos into a sketchy style. The composition and perspective are well designed, working well with the abstract and geometric nature of the subject matters. One thing that could even make these photo pop out more is to add more contrast since the grey and sketchy style make them a little bit flat.

  5. I think regardless of how you took these or wether or not they were silver prints or digital prints, these are beautiful photos. The light blue and B&W mixture works well and really helps to give the architecture a sturdy yet calm feel. Nice cropping, composition, curve, and contrast choices!

  6. Riley, I’m definitely as intrigued by your photography as I am by your drawings in class. You have such a playful eye for geometry that works just as well in this series. Your airbrushing is done so skillfully that before reading your description I thought it was done in photoshop. By highlighting certain shapes, you’ve drawn attention to the natural patterns that exist around us that would be otherwise overlooked. Awesome work!

  7. The air-brushed watered down acrylic really draws the viewer in using a unique and interesting approach. The geometry in local architecture really does “pop” in your images here and this technique really works. Nice job!

  8. I love that I can’t quite tell which direction the photos are going in. Am I looking up or down or sideways? The hint of color flattens out the image a bit and I think that’s why I can’t place myself.

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