3 thoughts on “Brett Albin”

  1. I really like the concept of the series, but I wish the second photo you posted showed what the boy was looking at. He seems in awe of something and my curiosity is definitely piqued. It’d also be cool to try to capture a photo where you can see both expressions of the participants in the conversation (though maybe you have that in the photos not posted here). I do like the composition of both photographs and really would like to see the entire series.

  2. I too really like the concept, but want to see more. I don’t get an idea of what you learned about eye contact from these images at all, but perhaps your research is clear through the series in its entirety. I like your use of selective focus as well. It brings the viewers eye to the faces and expressions.

  3. I think that the shallow depth of field really emphasizes the gaze of the figures. The contrast in the second photo between the figure and the background in combination with the shallow depth of field really makes the figure stand out. The same could be said about the first photo.

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