photography, St. Norbert College

Emily Techmeier


Emily Techmeier
ART 280 – Introduction to Photography and Digital Imaging
Digital print; 8″ x 13.45″

This photo was for our “Everyday Still Life” project. The problem was to take under-appreciated everyday objects and show the beauty in them. My solution is the ornate doorknob at my house. I liked taking time to observe the intricacy of this item that has become much more focused on functionality these days.

6 thoughts on “Emily Techmeier”

  1. Great photo! I agree that it’s amazing what detail and beauty exists in even the most ordinary subjects. I love not only the line work but even the variation in color that has faded throughout the years. The subtle hints of gold are a wonderful accent in an otherwise unsaturated piece. This definitely makes me want to pay closer attention to the doorknobs around me.

  2. I think you did a great job in following through on your concept. The photo works well because of the narrow depth of field, cropping, and vantage point. It may be because of the lens you used, but it looks like the camera is angled upwards which often gives the viewer a sense of importance related to the subject. Good work on the subtlety of the color and not overdoing it on enhancing the color or contrast-it allows the details of the photo to shine through.

  3. I like the idea of the project to make notice of the everyday common objects that are normally overlooked. Your depth of field is good as is your exposure and really enhance the beauty of a common door knob. Nice job!

  4. I like the simple and clean image. I agree with the project subject “Everyday Still Life”. The color is cold down as bluish, but it looks warm.

  5. I enjoy the depth of field in this photo, I think it’s spot on. The gold around the nob also adds a lot of character to the image. I like how antique this nob is, I enjoy photos of antiques so I was really drawn to this image.

  6. I’m a big fan of turning common, daily-used objects into something surprising and unexpected. Door handles are such an interesting subject, especially old ones; it raises so many questions. Who has touched this before me…? What’s that scuff from…? How many times has that lock been used to keep someone out…? It really is fascinating to think about.

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