5 thoughts on “Hayley Cleghorn”

  1. Your series captures such great natural contrast. It’s also interesting to compare the depth of contrast in each. For example, the first image solely has deep blacks and a light gray, whereas the second image has a very wide range of grays black to white. Both are equally successful and definitely wouldn’t have as dramatic as an effect if in color. I also really enjoy how both pieces play with window light bouncing off a table, but do so in very unique ways.

  2. Nice job on high contrast with lights and shadows through use of natural light. You make study and or conference rooms look more interesting than they might otherwise look in other lighting options.

  3. This photoset makes bland rooms look more (in the case of the first photo) eerie and/or (in the case of the second photo) inviting. I’m sure looking at the rooms normally would make them appear to be just rooms, but the way the light is captured here promotes more emotion. I feel like there could be someone hiding in the shadows in the first photo.

  4. I particularly like the contrast in your first image. The stark blacks give the photo a graphic/vector-like quality almost to the point of abstraction. The tree in the window almost seems like a painting or illustration due to its contrast with the rest of the image.

  5. This series of photographs are speaking a lot to me as a individual. The compositional element of leading lines and uniqueness is very profound in terms of lighting and sentimental value. I would not change anything in these photographs, the contrast and balance is perfect.

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