Mississippi State University, photography

Jackson Donald

Tucker Napier | 1,010 Photos

Jackson Donald
Art 3233- Studio Lighting
Digital Prints; 18″ x 24″
5 images total in series

4×6 prints of the most recent 270 photos tagged on a person’s Facebook create the backdrop to demonstrate the way physical photo albums were before the internet. Then each person was photographed in front of the photos while holding his or her current Facebook profile picture.

Since the advent of the internet and social media, our identity has become more obsessed over in our generation. I instructed each sitter to be as transparent as possible, to contrast the way we usually interact with the camera and its operator, as seen in the photos behind each person.

4 thoughts on “Jackson Donald”

  1. This is an interesting documentation of facebook with individual users and how social media has changed our “real lives” vs the virtual ones we want to show to the world. I would like to see this as a series of documentary photos in a gallery setting.

  2. Dear Jackson,

    Very clever project. I like how you created the backdrop of fB images. Portraits with in portraits within portraits.

    Did you do any close-ups of the person’s hands holding their fB photo? Or are they all MS (mid shot) compositions of the view seated with the photo? The reason I ask is that it could be a nice dyptych to have to the large images and the a closer, blown up still of the hands and the fB photo of the sitter?

    Wishing you the best!

  3. I love how creative and interesting this project is! I would’ve never thought to do something this clever. I think you did a really good job having the subject be transparent when in front of a camera, contrasting how he was in all the photos behind him. I would love to see more pieces in this series, it’s very compositionally interesting, and keeps the viewers looking at it for longer than a couple of seconds. Good job overall!

  4. This series is very interesting and I would like to see more and I’m questioning how mine would look and would I see it all posted on a “wall” and let it determine my self value like I base my value on how many “likes” I get? The backdrop images are flawlessly stitched together and that’s successful. I really don’t see a need or purpose for framing their current profile picture. Especially because a profile picture is going to change so many times and framing the current one makes it seem too important and impermanent when we all know it’s probably not even his profile pic anymore. I’ll sum up and say that I was confused and distracted by the frame. Good job lighting, nice and subtle.

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