Mississippi State University, photography

Jessica Comer



Jessica Comer
Art 3233- Studio Lighting
Digital Image
Series of 4

Statement: Every family who has young children can relate to the fact that houses are supposed to be a little bit messy. Children leave crumbs, messes, toys, etc. lying around all of the time. It is what makes a house a home. I babysit my two cousins each week on Fridays. We play with this dollhouse and both children ask me for the same snacks almost every Friday. This project is dedicated to Isabelle and Timothy and all of our memories. I look forward to spending more afternoons playing with this dollhouse, eating the same snacks, and making messes together.

7 thoughts on “Jessica Comer”

  1. I really appreciated your attention to detail in creating these rooms. The composition is well done, especially in the bottom one-my eye flows from object to object very easily. I also like that you didn’t get heavy handed with the color saturation or contrast, that could have been disastrous with these bright colors, but you did a good job with that and balancing the colors throughout the scene (spreading out the pinks and oranges).

  2. This is a very creative idea! I enjoy the use of children’s snacks and doll houses. The idea that houses are meant to be a bit messy is an interesting one especially for parents with small children. The idea of incorporating the snacks into daily routine and representing this within children’s toys is really interesting.

  3. I love the idea of photographing a dollhouse. I think it is very relatable and evokes a sort of warmness and sentimentality. I also just love miniature everything. Compositionally, I really like your use of shadow. I think that it adds a lifelike quality and interest to what would otherwise be a fairly flat image.

  4. The lighting and use of shadow really bring the detail of each room out and create a much more interesting photograph. As a mother, the photographs immediately stood out to me and resonated. I like the dedication in the artist statement as it brought it each photograph to a very personal place.

  5. This concept really needs to be pushed further than where you’ve taken it so far. I think we all know the mess that children leave, but it seems like you’ve just stopped there. Do you want to show the mess that’s left for stress working moms’ who are also suffering from anxiety or depression, and these little messes lead to a breaking point? Or are you showing the mess to show where the wonderland and creativity break off before the child goes to bed, comes for dinner, or leaves for school? I think that could be very interesting because clearly something was left abandoned but I want more narrative and meaning than, “kids sure are messy.”

  6. I really enjoy the concept and the lighting you selected for these pieces. They work work very well together. Overall, it gives off the vibe you were searching for and to me, there’s a comical touch to it. These photos are very beautiful and the incorporation of the snack foods are clever.

  7. Really creative ideas. Lightings are just right and including shadows makes the dollhouse look more nature. And adding snack foods are very interesting and they work pretty well with those dolls. Great job!

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