Mississippi State University, photography

Katja Walter



Katja Walter
ART 3233-01 Studio Lighting
Digital Prints; 14.4″ x 21.6″
Series of 5 images

Description: This was part of our “Make Your Own Backdrop” project. I created different backgrounds and thereby created five different situations of one person in which she finds herself in during her daily life.

5 thoughts on “Katja Walter”

  1. I appreciate that these images begin to tell a narrative. I wish there was a bit more info to inform me as to what this story might be. Good exposures and good compositions.

  2. I like the ambiguity of the narrative (why is she frightened in the shower, why is she hiding behind the broom) because it creates a sense of humor and drama. The fact that these photos have bright colors and are extremely well lit reminds me of a play or a movie.

  3. I really enjoy the assignment for this picture and think you captured it very well. I especially like the second portrait, for the shower curtain makes for a unique backdrop that I never would have thought to choose. I think the second portrait is stronger than the first but love the simplicity in the first photo, as well. I also think you did a great job with colors in the second photo and the overall arrangement of the composition. The pink right in the center draws your eye in and was well chosen.

  4. These both have a playful sense of humor, particularly the expression on the woman in the shower. The shower one is also great compositionally, with the graphic patterning of the curtain balancing the figure. Nice work.

  5. I really love the use of different textures with the background in the first image, and the shower curtain in the second image. I wish the first image was as expressive as the second one. The second one also brings a humorous tone with the expression.

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