12 thoughts on “Suzanne Peterson”

  1. It’s very interesting to compare these images together versus looking at them separately. For example, when looking at solely the first image, I assumed it was an adult. Their pose also makes it seem as though it’s from some type of horror film. The fact that the subject in the second image is holding a teddy bear, however, signifies that it must be a child. This, of course, then forces the question of if the first subject is a child as well. All in all, very interesting photos! I love the high contrast and how the window blinds appear like an x-ray screen.

  2. I find the lines in these images very strong. The high contrast, light and shadows is great. Great suggestive narrative, I would like to see this as a series giving a little more information in each image. It is interesting that the first image shows the figure behind the window paynes and I can’t quite tell in the second image if the figure is in front of the image or behind, very mysterious.

  3. I agree with the earlier commenters that the strong backlight and screen in front of the figure create an almost forbidding or eerie tone. The high contrast caused by the backlight is striking and the diffusion by the screen emits a ghostly figure. The only nitpicky thing I can say about these photos is that I wish that the photo with the child had the same level of contrast as the first photo.

  4. The shadows are really great in both of these photographs! I love how creepy the vibe is, even though it’s probably just little kids posing with their teddy bears playing around. You did a really good job with printing these photographs with nice contrast, and highlights. Good job overall 🙂

  5. I’m getting the horror film poster vibe just like everyone else. The first image feels like a standard from that genre (and being able to achieve those conventions is a great first step) but the second image got me thinking more about what you could do to make it your own.

    What if there were ambiguous objects in the frame, or objects that weren’t apparent at first glance because of their size or shape? I think playing with different kinds of outlines could be interesting.

  6. Love these photographs because of the eerie feeling that you get from both images. I agree with others that it looks straight out of a horror film but at the same time it is an interesting take on portraits. Focusing on the outlining of shadows raises more questions about what the photograph and who the person behind the blinds. I would enjoy it if there were more images to this series and what other ways the photographer played with different forms of lighting and people.

  7. This blurred silhouette and kind of X-ray feeling is really cool. I like how you use those lines on the window to frame your photos and how high contrast they are. Compositions in both photos totally reveal a scary feeling!

  8. Excellent composition choice for these images. Especially in the first image the repetition of horizontal lines between the window, the blinds, and the girl’s arms, is gorgeous and well executed.
    All in all these images are a nice take on silhouettes, taking full advantage of originality with the young models and putting their silhouettes in front of a covered window. It gives these images a different feel than that of stereotypical window silhouettes of potential murder scenes or of curvy women in a state of undress.

  9. Love this idea, the softness around the edges of the figure is fighting against the the harsher context of the photo. I would love to see more of these photos with different models of varying age, size and gender. Maybe even two, creating a relationship between characters.

  10. I really like both photographs!! To me these two pictures sort of give off a scary feeling and I think the black and white really contributes to achieve this ghostly emotion.

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