1 thought on “Mariah Donmyer”

  1. Dear Mariah,

    Thanks for posting your video.

    The LS (long-shot) of the hallway with the vase in the door window is quite stunning. Also the motion the foam bubbles make in the tub, as I assume someone gets into it, looks great. I also like how the face of the woman is not revealed in the video.

    There is some camera shake on several of the images. Maybe just need to not touch the camera when filming or use a sturdier tripod. And the abrupt cut from the hallway walking to the streetscape is not in the same color value. It looks jarring and not harmonious.

    The ending could be strengthened with more CU (close-up) shoots. The video seems intimate, even the narrator’s poem is intimate, but the final shots live the viewer at a distance from the subject/ the woman. Maybe just a few CU of the feet on the snow or the hands outside the coat. My final thought is that the narration is very flat. Possibly a re-performance with some more inflection would be engaging. It is in congruent with the lovely indoor lighting and images.

    Wishing you the best!

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