3 thoughts on “Craig Noaeill”

  1. If you isolate the second photo here, it makes a rather interesting stand alone picture. The continuity of the color palette makes it more of a slow read. The viewer has to slow down to separate the different textures and in doing so the image moves away from abstraction. After reading the text it made everything apparent, however I enjoyed the development of the image.

  2. I am happy that you did this, stay off the betten path and make your own just as you always have since I have known you. these are well thought out and well done.

  3. Interesting first image of the raw meat burger. It definitely catches the viewer’s attention and gives a kicked-back emotion. Since the image is symmetrical, it was a good idea to center the header and leave a margin for the text. A justified text is easy to read. As for the contents, I wish there was a stronger and more active voice used to move the audience like the image does.

    The “Tools of the Trade” image creates a very neutral palette out of food and I like that idea. It reminds me of make-up powder advertisements showing its composition. I’m not sure the header font works well with the text, however. The text placement is centered, and that does not reflect the overall composition with the image.

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