4 thoughts on “Liesl Broadbridge”

  1. I really like the abstract look in your photographs! The bottom one I can tell what the object is that you took a picture of (some chains), however the top one I’m unsure of. The top picture is interesting in the way that it makes you look at the photograph for longer than you should, just analyzing the picture trying to figure out what it is you’re looking at. Overall, the prints look really good Liesl, and the bottom picture has really nice tone and lighting!

  2. I really like the range of tones you captured in the second photograph. It really accentuates the texture of the chain. The soft focus on the lower right hand corner is also a nice touch. It forces the focal point over to the left chain.

  3. I think “Monumental Nothing” is an awesome name for this image. The large chain links look industrial and ready for some big construction or destruction. You have a good use of tonal range and values, but I want the chain links to stick out more as the focus for this piece. Dodging the links would brighten them and bring our eyes toward them faster.

  4. I really think these are awesome images, I enjoy the second image more mainly because of the dirty texture that I see. They both work conceptually and range of tones that were captured in both images looks great.

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