photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Lucy Hodkiewicz



Lucy Hodkiewicz
Art 376: Photography
Silver Prints; 8″ x 10″
20 images total in series

These are two images from a group of back photos that I took for my final series. I have an interest in capturing a person in a portrait-style set up, but without photographing their face. I think capturing their back, which may reveal broad shoulders, speckled skin, tight muscles, or protruding ribs and spines is much more personal and interesting. The back is really underrated and my series attempts to shift portraiture from faces to other revealing/characteristic parts of the body

8 thoughts on “Lucy Hodkiewicz”

  1. I like how the spine and ribs curve in contrast to the straight lines of the piano. It shows a juxtaposition between man-made items and biological organisms like man.

  2. Your artist statement is well written and the small details that you were able to add to the portrait without showing the face is really well done and keeps the portrait mysterious, interesting as well as making it very personal to the subject.

  3. The necklace in the first photo really accentuates the spine of the figure and the center of the image. It also acts as a nice focal point and acts as a nice starting point before the eye travels down the spine and to the rest of the image.

  4. Your series is one of my favorites, because you do such a great job making a simple part of the body that’s overlooked, look so amazing and beautiful! The shadows and contrast in these photos are wonderful, and I think it’s interesting to see the spine poking out. The piano in the background makes the picture look more interesting compositionally, because it’s something else to look at, and it’s not too distracting from the main focus of the back itself. Good job!! 🙂

  5. What would be interesting to continue your series would be to change the genders and see other girls’ portraits. The piano is played by both genders, so how could a portrait be more gendered to look more manly for one, and womanly for another? Something to think about.

  6. Your concept of using backs for portraits is so fresh and interesting, and is executed well in the images. You have great technique in printing the images as they are sharp and have good contrast. The images are very well-composed in relation to the light source and keep the viewer thinking about what may lie the shadowed areas.

  7. Great concept and great photos! The view of seeing protruding ribs and spines is impressive and so special from other portrait. And I like how you highlight his back in a relatively black surrounding.

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