photography, St. Norbert College

Veishea Grebin


Veishea Grebin
ART 280 – Intro to Photography and Digital Imaging
digital print; 12″ x 24″

This series was for our Everyday Still Life project. The assignment was to pull attention to something we would normally overlook in our daily lives. These are some of the chairs I found around my campus.

4 thoughts on “Veishea Grebin”

  1. It is a really interesting series. You endow these silent chairs with personality. I like the parallel angle of your shooting because it is very objective but interesting!

  2. This is an interesting series. I agree with the previous comment that the chairs seem to convey a personality. Have you considered photographing them from a different angle?

  3. This series has potential to be very interesting. I want to see you stick with the signature red accent that gives the “I was here” presence but you’re going to have to take this out of the few similar buildings you visit on campus and your apartment. I think for this to be successful, you need to really push yourself to find chairs with character and individuality in order to keep a viewer interested.

  4. I think its interesting that all these photos were taken from the same angle and that this fact is what brings the photos together as a series. Another common theme is a reddish color in each photo which also serves to connect the images. Good job!

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