6 thoughts on “Heather Zimmer”

  1. You did a really nice job with this photograph. I love the dark lighting, as it really sets the mood for suspicion in the scene. My eye is drawn to the light on the ceiling, but once I start to look around, it is interesting to see the actions take place. I do wish you told of a little more background to the interactions taking place in your artist statement. Overall, great use of contrast and the photo really brings about a lot of curiosity for me.

  2. I like the dramatic lighting of the single light on the ceiling, it makes the situation between the people standing look really dramatic. It blurs out the unnecessary background and adds intrigue into what the conversation is. That is a really nice picture

  3. The lighting in this piece is really interesting and caught my attention when looking through these pictures. I think you did a really good job with showing highlights and shadows, and the place where you shot this helps give off a mysterious and creepy vibe. It almost looks like the people have secretly gathered to this place to have a conversation about something that they want nobody else to hear. I have a similar project that I’m working on right now where I’m working with lights and shadows, and I think you did a really good job overall!

  4. this photo seems like a part to a whole. I can infer little from this photo with the caption but just enough to get me curious for more. Who is this family? Why are they in the basement of an abandoned farm? etc

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