10 thoughts on “Sofia Pilar”

  1. I appreciate the fact that your pictures are black and white, it brings a lot of contrast to your image that might not exist if it had color. The background in the first image is intriguing, I love the contrast of the metalwork and the lightness of the woman’s skin. The lighting is impressive and it really brings out the brightness of the background and the dark color of her jacket. Overall, very nice job.

  2. Saw these pictures and I was just amazed by it! I really like the picture because the black and white makes the background more real. “take a picture to keep the memory!” is exactly how I feel when I see these pictures. 🙂

  3. I think you did a really good job with these photos! The model did a great job posing in unnatural positions too. I really enjoy the top photo because at first I thought it was some sort of a graffiti wall behind her, but at second glance I realized it was a train or truck of some sort. I really liked that I couldn’t (and still can’t really) tell what she’s posing in front of because it makes me look longer and harder at the composition.

  4. I like the high contrast in both of these photos. The only critique I have is that the figure gets a little lost in the background of the first photo. I do like all of the strong lines in this image though.

  5. I love the high contrast of these and how the pattern of the dress merges into the background. I also love the use of sunglasses as it makes the model seem distant even when she is looking directly at the camera.

  6. Love the urban effortlessness that is captured in the models faces. The colorless contrast adds to the mood! I think these photos are very successful, especially the bottom one.

  7. I really love the compositions in your photos! It is so brilliant that your model was sitting on the ground and her leg line blends perfectly with the ground and the background. And they are both well-printed!

  8. These photos are phenomenal! You did a great job capturing a glamorous essence. The lighting and composition are both great, and you did an excellent job printing them as well.

  9. With composition, choice of model, & choice of clothing you were really able to bring these images back to the time where film was king. I do not feel like these photos were taken in the 2010’s, but rather the 1970’s.
    And the creation of making posed positions look candid is probably what ties these images together best for me and throws me back into nostalgia for a time I never even got to experience. Well done.

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