8 thoughts on “Sydney Armer”

  1. I think it is interesting how you hung the sweater on a nail and not on a person or a clothes hanger. Both that aspect and the darkness of the photo gives a creepy feel and makes the sweater seem left behind.

  2. I really like the concept you were going for with this piece. However, I think it could have been more successful if we could have seen a bit more of the sweater, if you really did intent for it to seem like it was in an ad. But you did do a great job positioning the logo so that we could clearly see it. If you continue with these pictures more, also maybe consider having more light on your articles of clothing.

  3. Sydney,

    Overall this photo has a feel of an oil painting. You did a good job with choosing a good background for the sweater and keeping both in the small color pallette. I am wondering what it would like if you experimented more with the overall composition, that is the placement of the sweater.
    This looks like a good start to a series.

    Best Regards,

  4. I like the way you presented the sweater. It is not a typical fashion ad. I feel like this is a photograph about the sweater and not about the person that would be wearing it or about how it should be worn, the way typical ads are created. I also love the richness of colors in the image and that you selected warm tones rather than cool tones. It adds to the feeling of warmth that sweaters have/give. Again this is what the sweater in and not what it is for, if that makes sense.

  5. I like the idea of the fashion photo without the model. I think you could really explore the shapeless clothing articles in the setting of a high fashion set. Right now I don’t exactly see a homage to fashion photography, but I think if you change the way you position the sweater to show its emptiness without someone wearing it, that could be very interesting.

  6. While I like this image, I’m not sure that it seems like a fashion photo. The lighting is more indicative of a domestic scene. I think if you want to go for a fashion photo the sweater would need to be presented in a way that would make a consumer want to buy it. Right now the garment is a bit shapeless.

  7. I don’t know how closely this resembles a fashion add. That being said, as an image it is really beautiful in its simplicity.

  8. To make this more like a generic advertisement, using flash to generate even lighting would go a long way. If you don’t own a flash unit, homemade flash bouncers can give you a very similar studio lighting effect :

    Advertisements are often perfectly centered, and that arrangement would make this image feel more resolved.

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