4 thoughts on “Amanda Hess”

  1. Haha! Really cool stop-action video. I love how you start with the couple looking so adorable and end with them beating each other up (or whatever that is). It is a little dark content-wise, but the fact that the girl comes back at the end to get revenge makes it easier to handle. The blurrier, faster, spaced out images that begin when she awakens create a nice change of pace in addition to being creepy in a beautiful way. The lighting you got from the slightly overcast sky is perfect and everything looks well lit and crisp. Nice work!

  2. At first I read this video to represent our culture of constant warnings of the danger of men’s nature and desires. It perfectly illustrates why we’re told to go out with men in public places, to carry mace, to dress a certain way as to not tempt the male’s sexual needs. At the end I would like to view the meaning to represent every woman’s fed up’dness of constant self preservation. Technically it was well executed, at the end I feel maybe it got too silly with the goriness.

  3. Amanda,

    This is an amazing video. The content is really disturbing. Satisfyingly so.

    It is really mysterious as to if the young woman haunts the man at the end or her revenge. I also really like the stop frame action along with sound track and it’s repetition. It creates an anxious mode. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

    Best Regards

  4. Really really enjoyed this piece! The content is striking just as it should be. It really tells the tale of the victim in a jarring way, and the repetitive audio makes the piece all that much stronger.

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