Mississippi State University, photography

Assanti Miller



Assanti Miller
ART 3873: Digital Photography
Digital Prints; 16.5″ x 11”
Total of five (5) images in the series

This work was produced as a representation of how walking alone at night should be an enjoyable experience and not one in which a person must remain fearful of the possible dangers that could occur.

6 thoughts on “Assanti Miller”

  1. I like the colors in these two prints and enjoy the candid-feel that the camera brings. Also a very interesting subject matter discussed in these images, the theme is especially relevant today after multiple campus sexual assaults.

  2. Night photography isn’t always easy for everyone, but you seem to have it done. The colors and lighting look great. I’m especially a fan of that top photo how the color seems to create a gradient from blue to yellow in the background.

  3. This is an great concept to address, especially as a woman. I know that today, walking at night is difficult for many woman to do, because the fears of what might happen. I like that you have a great sense of composition as well as lighting but would like to see more in the development of this topic. The images are strong, but lack in addressing the concept you are trying to address. I would love to see you work with others who fear walking at night, and put them in these situations to show that often it is all in our head. Overall great photographs!

  4. I like the concept quite a bit because walking alone at night gives me the same sensation inside as watching a scary movie. I shouldn’t feel so endangered by the opposite sex. I feel it’s my right as a human being to get to walk at any time of day or night without “putting myself at risk.”
    I’m not really feeling your concept as much in these images but I think it would be great to continue exploring this idea but maybe try the setup differently.

  5. Great concept! I think it resonates with almost every woman, and probably a lot of men too. You have excellent composition and lighting in both of the images. One thing I would work on is bringing out some of the details a little bit more, which I know is especially hard with night photography, but I think it would make your images a lot stronger.

  6. The concept you had in mind is definitely something that could be very powerful, and as night photos your images are executed well, however I don’t think the images & the message are going hand in hand right now. When I look at these images I am not seeing a person who is scared to go out and wander at night. There is nothing in the body language that is suggesting fear at all, in fact her body language makes me think of strength & power.
    When I saw these images I thought she might be waiting for someone late at night and then she went to go check the road to see if the person’s car might be coming up the street.
    Playing with posing and situations could help you to better get this message of yours across. Like perhaps nervous ticks/gestures, the suggestion of pacing, or turning back, perhaps even looking out a front door or clutching at a knob that you only think to turn and open but never do.

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