8 thoughts on “Carlyse Williams”

  1. The vibrancy of the color in this photo is very striking. I’m guessing it’s a neon sign? My only complaint is that I wish everything was a bit more crisp in focus, but that could just be the way the light is making everything look.

  2. I agree. The color is very vibrant. I really like your choice in composition. Though I do wonder if by adding a sliver of wall on the other side of the light (assuming that there is more wall outside the frame) would have added more tension.

  3. The red is almost a little bit too much in this photograph, but its vibrancy is very stunning as mentioned above in the other comments. I really like the high contrast and detail in the speckled-like wall, and the composition is very nice overall. The balance of the light and wire being in the top right corner is better than it being centered in the middle of the photograph. Good job with this piece, I’m interested in what your series is specifically working with and the story behind it!

  4. The red overwhelms me a bit with how high of a contrast there is, but the subject matter is intriguing. I would have preferred if the light source had been oriented on the left, but who knows… you might have had to crop something out by changing the composition.

  5. I love the rich red! In addition to the texture I feel like the photo buzzing with energy. There is great movement between the offset neon light and the highly textured wall. Nice job!

  6. The neon light accents the shadows nicely. Also, the different take on the typical neon sign picture is a creative approach.

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